It is possible to configure PortaBilling to enable online payments from your chosen source;

Initially you will need to create an account with an online payment processor which is supported by PortaBilling (a list of compatible processors is available in the 'Payments' (this list can be seen in the second image in this tutorial) section from the main admin menu, though Wavetel would recommend either WorldPay or MoneyBookers. The payment processor will then provide you with; a username, a password, the currency in which your account is held, as well as the list of credit cards (and possibly other payment methods) supported by that particular processor.


From the main admin menu go to 'Payments'.


From here select 'Add' to create a new account and enter the following information;

  1. Name; give this particular payment method a title
  2. Processor; select the payment processor with which you have created an account
  3. Login; this is the login name used to access your payment processor account
  4. Password; the password associated with the aforementioned login username
  5. Payment source; tick the box(es) corresponding to the payment sources which your payment processor supports
  6. Test Mode; check this box in order to make a test payment; this will allow you to check if the processor details have been entered correctly, without transferring any money
  7. Recurring; check this box if you wish for the payment to be repeated on a monthly basis, and if the payment processor is capable of doing this

Save your changes and continue to the next step.


You now need to associate your payment method with the appropriate currency; go to the 'Currencies' screen, accessed from the main admin menu.


In the 'Currencies' section select the 'Add' tab and fill out the appropriate details (more information on setting a currency can be foundĀ here), linking you payment setup through the 'Payment System' dropdown menu. Be sure to save your changes.