Step 1- Make sure the router is turned ON , is connected to the electrical socket properly.

Step 2- Check the Microfilters.


Step 3- Connect a PC directly to the router.

Step 4- Using an internet browser ( e.g. Internet Explorer ) , Go to OR 

Step 5- If Step 4 hasn't worked , try to ping both addresses 

Step 6- If Step 5 hasn't worked , try to ping

Step 7- Change the DNS settings on the Network Interface Card as follows:

Primary DNS Server :

Secondary DNS Server :

Then disable and enable the Network Interface Card, and repeat from Step 4 - 6.

Step 8- If the router's GUI is accessible 

a) Upgrade the router to its latest Firmware.

b) Re-authenticate the ISP username and password.

c)  Repeat from Step 4 - 6.

Step 9Reboot the router and repeat from Step 4 - 6.

Step 10- If all the above has not worked; Get Wavetel to carry out a line test.

Please be aware while the line test takes place users can experience internet drop (in case if the internet was working but it was slow) . 

Step 11

If Wavetel confirms that line test has failed they will then book an engineer to visit the site. 

If an engineer finds no fault on site then there could be a potential charge which customer will have to pay.